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Becky Richards: Administrative Director
Becky Richards came to WSL in 2009 with her husband Will and their children Max and Ali. Her work history includes Kentucky Center for the Arts, Cabbage Patch Settlement House and Highland Presbyterian Weekday School, where she managed multi-million dollar budgets, conducted development work, coordinated large events and taught young children.  Since that time she has developed a historic knowledge of our school and provides a perspective that is unique, having served our school from all three pillars.
In 2010, Becky was hired as the Grades Support Teacher at WSL.  She has attended an early childhood conference at the Ann Arbor Waldorf School and two summer offerings through Kentahten Teacher Training.  Coursework she has participated in includes anthroposophical biography, biodynamic gardening, “Study of Man” and other foundation studies, handwork/felting workshops and “The Extra Lesson”.  She has observed at other Waldorf schools and has attended annual in-service offerings at WSL as part of on-going faculty education.
In addition to her teaching role here she has managed WSL facilities and grounds, been an active participant in the parent community and served on the Board of Trustees.  As part of her board responsibilities she went to the 2014 Spring AWSNA Southeast Regional Conference at the Waldorf School of Baltimore.
Becky will be unable to attend our Spring Assembly due to prior commitments, but please welcome her as her presence increases over the coming weeks.  Email Becky.

Julia Kimbro: Administrative Assistant
Julia answers phones, greets people who enter the office, prepares and mails information packets, and performs numerous other tasks that keep the office running smoothly. She is your first stop with questions regarding administration, school, and general questions. She will not have all of the answers, but she is charged with helping you know how to find them. Email Julia.

Angeline Green: Business Manager
Angeline is taking on many new tasks this year. She will be handling student files and records, receiving after-care contracts, working with you on your TADS enrollment, and she will be the contact for finance-related issues. She will be working mostly behind the scenes in our business office. She is present in the office from 8:30 to 4:30. Email Angeline.

Beth Bates: Board Chair 

Beth has been a part of the community for 12 years and is a parent of two children at Waldorf School of Louisville.  Contact with any board related questions.