Meet Our Faculty

Meet our Faculty for the 2014-15 School Year

Class Teacher, Grade 1: Claire Williams

Class Teacher, Grade 2: Jennifer Sparks

Class Teacher, Grade 3: Casey Bayne

Class Teacher, Grade 4: Mike Eger

Class Teacher, Grade 5: Rob Lanier

Class Teacher, Grade 6: Ed Hardy

Class Teacher, Grade 7/8  Pioneer Class: Japa Buckner

Full Time Specialty Teacher (Handwork): Angela Davis

Daisy Garden Nursery/Pre-K Teacher: Haeja Kang

Daisy Garden Nursery Assistant: Valerie Andres

Marigold Kindergarten Teacher: Kristin Langley

Marigold Kindergarten Assistant: Carol Vetter

Red Rose Kindergarten Teacher: Evy Royce

Red Rose Kindergarten Assistant: Lenise Tidwell

Sunflower Kindergarten Teacher: Christi Scoccola-Hootman

Sunflower Kindergarten Assistant: Dayna Rouse

Associate Faculty

In addition to classroom teachers, the Waldorf School of Louisville also has an Associate Faculty of individuals who are specialists in a given area. Working with the Class Teachers, the specialty teachers bring lessons to the students in an interdisciplinary way that deepens the overall curriculum and brings the students a wide range of experiences, knowledge, and capacities.

Extra Lesson / Remedial Teacher: Lauryl Leksrisawat

Resource & Recess Teacher: Jessica Lam

Spanish TeacherPaige Spalding and Roberto Carara

Japanese Teacher: Yuko Sparks

 Afternoon Care Director: Jana McNally

Afternoon Care Assistant: Kaitlin Erhard

Afternoon Care Assistant: Nancy Hallman

Afternoon Care Assistant: Connie Eger

Games and Pentathlon Teacher: Chance Mobley

Woodworking Teacher: Dan Chaffin

Music & Violin Teacher: Tamara Meinecke

Cello Teacher: Lucas Almeida