Associate Faculty Bios

Associate Faculty: 2013-14

Extra Lesson / Remedial Teacher: Kelli Bailey

Kelli Bailey Kelli has a Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate from Kentahten Teacher Training, a Ph.D. in Post-Colonial Literature from U.K. and an M.A. in English Literature. She is currently beginning her third year of remedial training through the Association for a Healing Education, based in Detroit, Michigan. She has taught English at Seneca High School, Valley Traditional High School, the Universite des Arts et Lettres in Karouan, Tunisia, the University of Kentucky, and Jefferson Community College. She has also been an SAT and ACT tutor at Sylvan Learning Center. Kelli and her husband Dave are the parents of Quinn and Juliet.

Resource & Recess TeacherBecky Richards

Becky Richards Becky earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Georgetown College. She has worked as a Preschool Teacher, Childcare Provider, Design Assistant, Gardener, Special Events Manager, and Development Coordinator. Becky and her husband Will are the parents of Max and Ali.

Spanish TeacherLeo Provan

Leo Provan holds a BA in English and a BA in Education. She taught ESP (English for Specific Purposes) at Universidad Las Condes, and English and Spanish at Linguatec Language School, both in Santiago, Chile, where she grew up.

Leo became a Craniosacral Practitioner and a Reiki Master Teacher to help her 17 year old son who has Cerebral Palsy and Autism. She practices both healing disciplines at her private practice A Ray of Hope. Leo also teaches Reiki (a form of healing touch) to children and adults.

Leo worked on an intensive home program with her son Lawrence for six years building skills that would allow him to participate in school. Lawrence stood up and took his first steps at the age of six and joined the school system in 2005.

She is a founding member of the Hope Center for Growth, nonprofit organization that provides summer programs for young adults within the autism spectrum.  She has worked with other parents in the area to bring a Camphill to the Louisville area.

Leo is passionate about supporting children, teens and adults with disabilities and their families on their unique paths. She believes that any child becomes a successful learner when the potential within is nurtured.

 Afternoon Care Director: Lenise Tidwell

Afternoon Care Assistant: Diane Underwood

Afternoon Care Assistant: Nancy Hallman

Games and Pentathlon Teacher: Chance Mobley

Japanese Teacher: Miyuki Maruping

Violin Teacher: Tamara Meinecke

Cello Teacher: Lucas Almeida