Grades Faculty Bios

Grades Faculty: 2013-14

Class Teacher, Grade 1: Jennifer Sparks

Jennifer has completed a dual certification teacher training program in Waldorf Early Childhood Education and Grades 1-8 at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has taught in public and private child development centers and coordinated a play therapy program for a public school system. Jennifer has worked in several Waldorf schools in California, serving as lead Kindergarten Teacher, Co-Lead Teacher, and Parent-Child Program Coordinator. Prior to becoming a Lead Kindergarten Teacher at WSL, Jennifer served as our Resource Teacher in the grade school as well as a substitute in early childhood. Jennifer is the mother of Noah and Holly.

Class Teacher, Grade 2: Casey Bayne

Casey received her M.A.T. in Elementary Education from Bellarmine University and has a B.A. in Art Studio from the University of Louisville. She has completed her first year of Waldorf Teacher Training from the Rudolph Steiner College. Casey’s teaching experience includes teaching advanced middle school art classes for the Louisville Visual Art Association, various teaching positions within the public school system and serving as Aftercare Director for the Waldorf School of Louisville during the second term. Casey’s interests include gardening and gourmet cooking. She is excited about leading her first group of children through the Waldorf Grades program.

Class Teacher, Grade 3: Michael Eger

 Mike earned his Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts degrees in Ballet and Modern Dance from the University of Utah and has been a professional performer and choreographer/director for 25 years throughout the United States.  Before becoming a lead grades teacher at WSL, Mike also taught Games and Folk Dance at the school. He has taught the performing arts to children for 25 years nationally, and locally taught at the Youth Performing Arts School (YPAS), Lincoln Elementary, Pleasure Ridge Park High School and Sacred Heart Academy. He completed the Waldorf Teacher Certificate program at Antioch University New England this past year. He and his wife Connie are the proud parents of Michael, who attends the First Grade at WSL.

Class Teacher, Grade 4: Rob Lanier

 Rob earned a Master’s in Education from Antioch New England Graduate School in New Hampshire. He took his first Waldorf class from grade 1 through 5, graduating them in 2010. Prior to becoming a Waldorf class teacher in 2005, Rob served the Waldorf School of Louisville as the Afternoon Care Director and the Music Teacher. His professional background includes leadership, directing, and teaching positions with Louisville Youth Choir and Walden Theatre. He has also serves as a music and anthroposophical studies teacher at the Kentahten Waldorf Teacher Training Institute at Bellarmine University. He is the father of Jesse Lanier, WSL Class of 2009.

Class Teacher, Grade 5: Claire Williams

Claire holds a double major in Psychology and Art with a minor in German from St. Norbert College in Wisconsin, and a Master’s in Art Therapy from the University of Louisville. She was awarded a Waldorf Teaching Certification for Preschool through Grade 8 in 1997 and became a Waldorf class teacher in 1998. Claire has taken two classes of students through to graduation at the Waldorf School of Louisville. Prior to becoming a Class Teacher, Claire served WSL as a German Teacher, first grade afternoon teacher, playgroup facilitator, and kindergarten assistant. She has experience teaching language arts in the parochial system and as an Art therapist. She taught science at the Waldorf Teacher Training Institute at Bellarmine University. Claire and her husband Jim Williams are the parents of Jacob Williams, WSL Class of 2000.

Class Teacher, Grade 6/7  Pioneer Class: Japa Buckner

Japa holds degrees in both Business Administration and Child Development, along with his Waldorf Teacher Certification. He has had ongoing training which includes coursework in Art and Philosophy, Collaborative Mentor Training and various seminars concerning ECE students. Japa has 28 years of experience in a variety of educational settings including both private and public education. He has served as a an owner/operator of Urban Montessori Daycare Services, Program Coordinator for Smoketown Presbyterian Child Center, Class Teachers for both the Detroit Waldorf School and the Waldorf School of Louisville, Instructional Assistant with JCPS in the Exceptional Child Education Program, consultant to JCPS on Waldorf methods in the Public School, and has taught Waldorf Teaching Methods and Philosophy at Bellarmine University. He is pleased to return to Waldorf School of Louisville to teach the current 5th/6th Grade class. Furthering his work with children, Japa has served as a volunteer in several institutions. His personal pursuits include contemplative practices, continued research into science and mathematics, computer programming and writing about his experiences as a teacher. His accomplishments include the invention of the Pythabacus, as well as several teaching awards.

Full Time Specialty Teacher (Handwork & Music): Angela Mobley

A graduate of the Waldorf Applied Arts program at Sunbridge College in New York, Angela has been a member of the WSL Faculty since 2001. Angela has taught Grades Handwork classes for eight years, Grades Music classes for three years and has taught voice for the Flying Hands School of Music. She has taught singing and handwork, supervised recess, and led the Parent-Child Program. As a full-time Specialty teacher, Angela will continue teaching Grades Handwork classes and Music classes. She will also provide support to the Grades program in various ways throughout the school day. Angela has four children: Brianna, Madeline, Serena and Davis.