Tuition and Fees

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Below are the costs for the 2014-2015 school year.

Application Fee for New Students             
Grades, Kindergarten and Nursery Programs: $55 per child
Parent-Child Program: $25 per year


Grades Program (1st-8th):

Grades 1-5: $10,500
Grades 6-8: $11,150

Kindergarten Program:

Nursery 5-day Program: $5,900
Nursery 3-day Program: $4,000
Parent-Child Program: $215 per session

Multi-Student Tuition discounts for Grades, Kindergarten & Nursery Programs:

Second Child Discount: 15% of tuition
Third plus Child Discount: 50% of tuition
Parent Child Additional Child Discount: 50% of tuition

Multi-student Tuition Discount for Parent Child:

Siblings are 50%

Tuition deposits required at the time of enrollment to reserve a space in the class

Grades Program Deposit: $700 per child
Kindergarten Program Deposit: $500 per child
Nursery Program Deposit: $500 per child

Addition Program Fees                                                                                                                                                                   

Registration Fee Grades, Kindergarten & Nursery: $25 per child/family
Supply Fee Grades 1-5: $350 per child**
Supply Fee Grades 6-8: $450 per child**
Supply Fee Nursery& Kindergarten: $300 per child
Supply Fee Parent Child: $25.00 per child
Registration Fee Parent-Child: $10 once per year
Annual Re-Enrollment Fee: $55 per family

Late Enrollment Fee for returning students after 2/28: $200 per child
Late Payment Fee: $29 after 15 days

**Fee pays for all equipment including flutes and day field trips. Overnight field trips which exceed this amount will be communicated and billed to your account.

Addition Extracurricular Cost: Required Lessons Fourth through seventh grade students choose either the violin or cello instrument, which the family is responsible for renting or buying. Students are required to have private weekly lessons. Estimated costs including rental and private lesson fees are approximately $900 per year. Group violin or cello lessons are held weekly during the school day and are included in the price of tuition.

Tuition Assistance (TA)

WSL offers TA on a first-come first-served basis of financial need. TA is available for students enrolling in the Grades & Kinder Programs. TA is not available for the Nursery or Parent-Child Programs. WSL uses the TADS system for TA applications. You may apply via