Grades 6-8


Could a Waldorf education be the Upper Grades alternative you’ve been seeking?

This year we are excited to graduate our first 8th grade at Waldorf School of Louisville.

Why Waldorf Upper grades?

In a Waldorf School, the emerging adolescent enters a classroom experience that is dedicated to providing an education that understands and embraces his or her stage of development.  A Waldorf upper grades program is not considered a middle school because the curriculum continues seamlessly from 1st through 8th grade.  The children experience a progressive flow of curriculum from the fairy tales in first grade to the modern age in 8th; from making soup together in kindergarten to planning community service projects in 7th grade.  The education as a whole for this middle age educates the feeling life of the child and delivers them solidly into the thinking age in high school.  The teacher is an artist, who holds the children with a loving authority.

The transition to high school

The end of eighth-grade is the ideal time for the transition from Waldorf to a mainstream school. The current scope and sequence reflects the needs of the rising high school student moving through algebra 1 and into modern history.  Graduating children are expected to write with fluency and grammatical accuracy in both poetry and prose, scientific and creative writing.  These curriculum goals hold the children accountable to public school state standards while creating children that are confident and solid in both their academics and social understanding.

Waldorf High School options are not yet available in the Louisville area but are thriving in other parts of the country and the world.  The Waldorf High School experience brings the child firmly into their thinking life, bringing experts from the areas of math and science, art and literature, as well as continuing the life of the performing and applied arts.  For more information you can visit the following websites: Highland Hall Waldorf SchoolHigh Mowing Waldorf
High School
, Waldorf School of San Fransisco, Anne Arbor Waldorf School.

The following is an example of the curriculum our 6th, 7th and 8th grades students will encounter:

Grade Six

Transition from Grecian world to Roman

Ancient Rome: The Kings, the Republic, the Empire, the Middle Ages

Business math: Percentages, banking, currency and simple interest


Language arts: Grammar (subjunctive mood and the conditional), spelling composition, literature

Physics: Introduction to light and color, heat, sound, magnetism, and electricity.

Astronomy: Geocentric and phenomenological Knitting in the round with four needles

Geography: Climactic zones and oceanography


Kentucky Culture including stories, folk dance and crafts

Spanish Language

Team sports

Grade Seven

Middle Ages to the Renaissance: Joan of Arc to the Elizabethan Age

Age of Discovery and the Conquistadors

Astronomy: Copernicus, Galileo, Brahe, Kepler

The Reformation

Geography of Asia and Europe

Introduction to Algebra

Nutrition and Physiology



Peer mediation skills

Community service

Perspective drawing

Articles of clothing sewn by hand


Spanish Language

Grade Eight

The Age of Revolution – French Revolution, American Revolution, Civil War and Industrial Revolution

American History

World Geography

Physics: Practical applications of electricity, steam engines, thermodynamics, hydraulics

Physiology: Eye, ear, larynx, skeleton

Organic chemistry

World History: Napoleon to WWI and WWII to the present time

Community Service



Spanish Language