Nursery and Kindergarten

The Early Childhood program provides a warm home-like environment for the young child.  Through work and play the young child develops capacities to be successful and happy throughout their lives.

Activities include:


Daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms provide a framework of consistency for young children.

Each kindergarten day has a consistent rhythm.  The children will experience a flow of inside and outside time, quiet and boisterous activity, child and teacher directed activities throughout the morning.

The days of the week also have a flow of special activities and meals that develop the character of each day.  The kindergarten children will deeply experience the changing of seasons, from celebrating festivals and holidays to simply playing outside year round.


Young children learn through play and imitation.  The Kindergarten teachers work to create a play environment that is beautiful, secure and rich in quality playthings.  Natural toys and a peaceful environment allow for open-ended play, imagination and free movement.  Our outdoor environments promote the development of strength and confidence as the children work to care for their garden and explore the natural world.

Waldorf Early Childhood Programs

Our early childhood programs are licenced to operate by the state of Kentucky and follow all state licensing requirements.  Our early childhood program is a full member of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN) and the International Association of Waldorf Kindergartens.
All of our classrooms have a Waldorf Trained teacher and an assistant.   They are supported by our daycare director.
During the application process, the teachers will meet with both parent and child to evaluate each child’s readiness to begin Nursery or Kindergarten programs.

Full-time Nursery

The Nursery is for children who are 2½ years old by June 1. Transition to kindergarten is assessed at 3½.

The Nursery classroom is in Hickory House.

The class meets from 8:30am-12:00pm, with drop-off beginning at 8:10am.

The Full-time Nursery program is 3-day (Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Thursday-Friday) or 5-day (Monday-Friday).


The Kindergarten is a mixed-age program for children who are 3½ years or older by June 1.

Transition to first grade will be assessed when the child is 6 years old by May 1st of the previous year.

WSL currently has two kindergarten classes of 16-18 children.

The class meets 5 days from 8:30am-12:00pm, with drop-off beginning at 8:10am.

Aftercare is available until 6:00pm.

Limited Tuition Assistance is available for this program.

Please visit us

We invite you to come and visit our campus. We have regular tours and applications are accepted throughout the year. For more information or for an enrollment packet, please contact email us or 502-327-0122.