Take a deeper look

Here are links to articles that may be helpful in furthering your understanding of Waldorf education

Tech Gets a Time Out –  A San Francisco magazine article about high tech executives seeking a tech-free environment for their children.

The Social, Emotional, and Intellectual Benefits of Play – Groundbreaking research by Dr. Sara Smilansky

Art for Our Sake – The New York Times reports that school arts classes matter more than ever – but not for the reasons you think.

There’s More to Reading than Meets the Eye – Barbara Sokolov outlines the Waldorf perspective on literacy.

The Wisdom of Waldorf – Mothering Magazine helps parents understand the underlying implications of choosing an educational system.

Learning to Learn – A CEO, a physician, a researcher, and a veterinarian reflect upon their Waldorf education.

The Vital Role of Play in Early Childhood – Research continues to reveal the vital importance of allowing children to play in their early childhood years.

A Look at Waldorf and Montessori Education – As a teacher in both school systems, Barbara Shell compares the respective Early Childhood Programs.

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