September 2020 WSL Monthly Communique

Waldorf School of Louisville Communique

The most up to date information will be on the school’s website calendar. It can also be synced with YOUR calendar! CLICK HERE! CLICK HERE to download the Map for Drop-off and Pick-up CLICK HERE to download the 2020-21 Flex Calendar CLICK HERE to request a copy of the the 2020-21 Community Directory The Administrative […]

Kids Don’t Need to Stay ‘On Track’ to Succeed

kids on track star

When parents portray success as a linear progression of SAT scores, acceptance to selective colleges, and high-powered internships, they set kids up for disappointment. This article was adapted from Ready or Not by Madeline Levine. Madeline Levine is a writer and psychologist based in San Francisco. A 10-year-old boy sits quietly on the sofa in my office, […]

Promoting Curiosity — A Driving Force of Learning

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By: Markus Lindholm, February 2019 Curiosity is a wonder of the human mind. It goes to the heart of modernity, as a driving force for learning, novel insights and innovation, both for individuals and communities. In societies dependent on science and development, finding out what promotes or hampers curiosity and wonder in school curricula and […]

7 Things to Know About School Recess


By Maya Riser-Kositsky Updated: August 30, 2018 Recent U.S. education reform has focused on defining and raising the subject-matter standards students are expected to meet. In order to get their students up to snuff, schools are extending the school day and putting more and more emphasis on academic learning, which can squeeze out a beloved […]