Where: 3110 Rock Creek Dr. Louisville, KY 40207 – Across from Seneca Park

When: March 22-23, 2024

Who: Waldorf educators who teach Pre-K through High School age programs, as well as parents.

Purchase Tickets: Ticket sales are currently closed. For information regarding late registration, please email conferenceteam@waldorflouisville.com

Event Contact:

Waldorf School of Louisville Conference Team

Phone: 502-327-0122 

Email: Conferenceteam@waldorflouisville.com


We are excited to announce the rekindling of our in-person conference and the combined efforts of WECAN and AWSNA in crafting our inaugural joint Southeast Regional Conference. Our conference theme is Healing the Past: An Educational Approach to Trauma. 

About the Keynote Speaker: Laurie Clark


Our keynote speaker Laurie Clark has had the privilege of being a Waldorf early educator since 1978. She incorporates her therapeutic training into all aspects of the classroom. The deep question of how to meet the child of today and exploring practical applications for healing lies at the heart of her work. Laurie mentors and trains new teachers and is a frequent conference presenter. She has co-authored two books with Nancy Blanning on therapeutic movement for young children.



In her keynote becoming “Revolutionaries of Tenderness” Through Exploring Creative Guiding Imaginations, Laurie will explore healing the trauma that many children are experiencing. Beginning by working on the healing and restorative transformation of our own lives, we will work with anthroposophy and Martin Luther King’s remarkable biography to widen our perspectives, cultivating inspiration and spiritual courage for ourselves, and for the future creation of building the beloved community.

Event Schedule

Registration- 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Dinner – 5:30pm – 6:30pm 

Welcome Introductions/Information 6:30pm – 6:45pm

Conference Opening– 6:45pm- 7:00 pm

Keynote: Revolutionaries of Tenderness

Delivered by Laurie Clark-7:00pm – 8:00pm 

Closing-8:00pm – 8:15pm

Breakfast Offering (included)– 8:00am – 8:30am  

Puppet Show/ Artistic Offering– 8:30am – 9:00am

90 Minutes Keynote– 9:00am-10:30am

Break – snack (included) 10:30am-11:00am

Morning Session 90 minute workshop 11:00am – 12:30pm

Lunch – catered (included)- 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Afternoon Session 90 Minute Workshop 1:30pm – 3:00pm 

Movement-  3:00pm – 3:20pm

Closing- 3:20pm  – 3:30pm ending time


A Trauma Primer with Angela Davis

The word “trauma” has become a popular buzzword in our culture but what does it mean? Participants will explore the meanings and definitions of trauma and create their own personal understanding of trauma. Using a model that contrasts normal emotional responses with trauma responses, participants will gain awareness and self-awareness, as well as generate conscious strategies for change. Activities will reinforce concepts of meta-awareness and metacognition in order to use this knowledge to deepen meaning and connections in all relationships.

The gift of Feedback with Kim Richardson

This workshop session will detail how to mobilize feedback as part of your school culture as a way to understand different perspectives. We will unravel some fears, internal thoughts, and perfectionism through self examination in order to approach feedback with the same observational nature as teachers use to see students.

Developmental Movement for the Well-being of the Children and Ourselves with Lynn St Pierre

Today young children are often surrounded by fear and anxiety, and experiencing trauma themselves. Learn to create a space filled with warmth, a sense of deep peace, and a gentle joy; a healing antidote to today’s complicated world.  With the touch and elemental plays created by Wilma Ellersiek, we offer a rich, health-giving, developmental movement experience where the children’s well-being can flourish. This is an experiential workshop with gesture, singing and large movement ~ wear loose comfortable clothing and layers.  For our presence, well-being and rejuvenation, we will learn a Spacial Dynamics® form and hands-on technique. 

*WORKSHOP FULL* Healing the Past Can Cultivate Genius with Lennis Dionne Sample

This seminar aims to explore the concept of healing trauma through an educational lens, drawing inspiration from the book “Cultivating Genius” by Gholdy Muhammad. Participants will delve into the impact of trauma on students’ lives and learn practical strategies to create a healing-centered educational environment. By understanding the connection between trauma and learning, educators can empower students to heal from their past and cultivate their genius.

Trauma-informed Teacher Expectations and Remedial Drawing with Japa Buckner

Discussion of how the Waldorf Curriculum and Four-fold picture of the childs guides trauma-informed education. And how childrens’ drawings may be used as trauma indicators, for reactive planning and executive function development.

Soul Tower with Rob Lanier

The Soul Tower is a color pastel chalk drawing of your mood of soul.  You will be guided in building up the pallet then gentle suggestions lead to finding contrast, movement and emerging forms. Final products are ephemeral delights, all unique and deeply personal soul portraits. Introduced to me by Karina Finser.

Healing Through Handwork with Angela Davis

Handwork has seemingly indescribable powers to soothe one’s heart and mind. In this workshop, we will explore our emotions within the context of current neurological research on trauma and connect that research to the healing power of handwork and creative pursuits. Research supports the use of our hands as a practice for dealing with life’s ups and downs. Participants will learn about the parts of their emotional system, how to regulate and co-regulate, what it means in development of one’s will, and how to use handwork activities to support growth, expression, and ease. 

Everyone Can Sing! With Emily Hoppe

Singing is healing. Singing is transforming. Singing connects us all. From the beginning of time, it has been a universal language, one that some have forgotten how to speak. One of my missions as an educator is to undo the musical trauma that many adults have experienced. Each of our voices is unique and beautiful and worthy of being lifted up with others. We will move and sing and tell stories together joyfully!

Intro to Restorative Justice with Eileen Fauver

When someone has harmed another, how does your institution respond, and is it effective?  In this workshop you will learn what Restorative Justice is and how the process aims to promote connection, understanding, responsibility-taking and reintegration into the community when someone has harmed another.  We will explore how to adapt the restorative justice framework to common conflicts in the school setting (conflicts between or among students, administrators, parents, board members, and faculty). 

Children experiencing trauma in the Early Childhood Setting with Laurie Clark

When children are exposed and confronted with world troubles, it can cause them a great amount of anxiety and distress. The traumatic impact of isolation still casts its shadow on the young child’s path of development along with the fear that COVID carried with it. 

There are many things that we already do in the classroom which help the children exhibiting trauma. We will explore how to deepen our understanding of how we can support, soothe and comfort the children in our care. 

Ticket Sales are currently closed. If you have an inquiry regarding late registration, please email: conferenceteam@waldorflouisville.com

St. Matthews At a Glance

Hospitality and Tourism Information

Home to an eclectic mix of traditional hotels, boutique hotel options, and charming Bed and Breakfasts, centrally located St Matthews is convenient to the rest of the city and accessible via the Parkways or interstate highways.

The Waldorf School of Louisville has secured a discounted block of rooms at the following hotels for conference attendees to make planning your trip an easy experience!

Hilton Garden Inn- St. Matthews Rooms are available for the rate of $199/night with parking included.

Residence Inn Louisville East/Oxmoor – Rooms are available for the rate of $209/night parking & free breakfast included

Myriad Hotel– Rooms are available for the rate of $199/night

AC Nulu– Rooms are available for the rate of $209/night

Cambria Louisville Downtown- Whiskey Row– Rooms are available for the rate of $209/night


St Matthews is filled with scenic parks, including Seneca Park (home to the Waldorf School of Louisville), part of the City-wide parks system  designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. A walkable, residential area full of local restaurants, bars, coffee shops and retail centers. Conveniently located to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and local Paul’s Fruit Market groceries. The school is nestled in the park, surrounded by walking trails, tennis courts, and playgrounds.

St Matthews’ central location makes it a convenient spot with easy access to the many arts and cultural attractions in the city. Our rich landscape of museums, historic homes, and Kentucky specialties like Steam Boats, Thoroughbreds and Bourbon, make Louisville a unique and charming city to visit!   


Food and Drink

St Matthews offers a wide array of local restaurants featuring Breakfast spots like Biscuit BellyCheddar Box Too, Highland Morning, Blue Dog Bakery, and local favorite for 100 years, Plehn’s Bakery

Lunch and Dinner options range from southern regional fare at Lou Lou Food + Drink or Black Rabbit Lounge and Speakeasy , to more international flavors from The Raven Irish Pub, Señora Arepa, Mojito in Havana, Simply Thai, and Oriental House.  


The Bourbon Experience

For those wanting to venture outside St Matthews, consider visiting our Urban Bourbon Trail   to get a taste of Kentucky! Louisville is the only city in the world with more than 10 distillery experiences, a bourbon cocktail & culinary trail, bourbon-themed accommodations and bourbon-centric shopping.

The Waldorf School of Louisville is an inclusive and nondenominational private school which welcomes all faiths, ethnicities, races, socio-economic backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations.  WSL has been offering quality independent education for almost 30 years. Now serving children from infancy through 8th grade.

We offer Parent/Child classes, Pre-k and K-8 education at our newly established campus in the heart of St. Matthews, across from Seneca Park. Come learn what makes Waldorf education exceptional, how it will help your child to thrive, and how you and your family might become part of our vibrant WSL community.