Board of Trustees

The Mission of the Board of Trustees

“The Board holds a trust. Its primary task, in this light is to see that the school fulfills its mission and to keep its on course over the long haul. The Faculty has the same responsibility. Both groups are ultimately responsible for all aspects of the school’s life: the Faculty entrusts the Board to carry the primary burden of financial and practical matters - While the Board entrusts the Faculty to carry the primary pedagogical focus. Each is responsible for communicating and listening to the other in carrying out this primary trust. It is important to keep alive the recognition that this shared trust exists with the sense of mutual responsibility and mutual gratitude that it implies.”

Agaf Dancy, The Art of Administration

On-going Tasks of the Board Include:

  • Fundraising for the School
  • Working with the legal and financial matters of the school
  • Ensuring that there are comprehensive policies and procedures in place
  • Mandating committees to do needed work within the school
  • Promoting partnerships between bodies of the school

Board of Trustees