Promoting Curiosity — A Driving Force of Learning

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By: Markus Lindholm, February 2019 Curiosity is a wonder of the human mind. It goes to the heart of modernity, as a driving force for learning, novel insights and innovation, both for individuals and communities. In societies dependent on science and development, finding out what promotes or hampers curiosity and wonder in school curricula and […]

7 Things to Know About School Recess


By Maya Riser-Kositsky Updated: August 30, 2018 Recent U.S. education reform has focused on defining and raising the subject-matter standards students are expected to meet. In order to get their students up to snuff, schools are extending the school day and putting more and more emphasis on academic learning, which can squeeze out a beloved […]

Fostering Lifelong Learning

By Beverly Amico What motivates a baby to walk? Is it the same drive that motivates a business owner to work late or an elementary student to learn math facts? In the first case, most would label the baby as having intrinsic motivation – engaging in behavior that is personally rewarding. But our other two […]