From the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America:

“Waldorf education, intended to be accessible and relevant for all children, was founded on and espouses principles of respect for all human beings. Dedicated human and financial resources are necessary to counteract systemic injustices and unconscious bias that serve as hindrances to fully express these principles. It is critical that we take steps to ensure that we are awake to the needs of all and that resources address diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

We at WSL recognize that as an institution and as human beings, that while we have dedicated much to this work, we all still have a long way to go. We want our community of current, past and prospective students, faculty members and friends to know Waldorf School of Louisville is deeply committed to the work required to forge a space where everyone feels welcome, at home, and loved. 

Teacher Training Resources Utilized

Training Sessions For Faculty Provided by:

Japa Buckner

Bio: Japa was born in Louisville, served in the navy, lived in many cities studying contemplative arts and education. Japa has 40 years of diverse experience in a variety of educational settings. He was a founding board member of our school and the Lively Children Center, a consultant to JCPS on Waldorf methods in the Public School, taught Waldorf Teaching Methods at Bellarmine and invented the Pythabacus, a math education manipulative.

Alma Partners 

Spring 2022: Schoolwide Community Survey on School Climate, Equity and Inclusion administered via AWSNA and Panorama Education