If you are interested in applying for a position,
please send your resume and a letter of interest to
Angeline Green: angeline.green@waldorflouisville.com

One Opening – Full-time- Beginning Fall 2024-25

About the Waldorf School of Louisville:
The Waldorf School of Louisville (WSL) is a privately funded, independent school in Jefferson County, Kentucky, serving children from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. The School was established in 1992, and has been providing for more than thirty years a unique curriculum that blends the arts with rigorous academics. Waldorf education awakens a lifelong love of learning, inspires critical thinking, and fosters emotional intelligence in our students. We educate the whole child, guided by a deep understanding of human development. Waldorf is non-denominational and open to children of all cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds. The Waldorf School of Louisville strives to make Waldorf education available to all families, regardless of financial circumstances.

About the Position:
The task of the Full-time Grades Teacher is to provide Waldorf Education with
enthusiasm, imagination, and integrity. Well qualified applicants will have interest in Anthroposophy and demonstrate teaching in an artistic manner. This position works closely with colleagues, including families, and the school community. The Grades Teacher teaches primary grades language arts, history, science, math, and visual and musical arts, while honoring a multicultural curriculum. Daily work involves movement, singing, storytelling, painting, drawing, sculpting, and a variety of the arts. The ideal candidate will be excited to be involved in a growing school community, presenting a unique curriculum and a valuable festival life. Previous Waldorf training is highly valued.

The task of the Grades Teacher of the Waldorf School of Louisville is to bring the
Waldorf graders curriculum to the children with enthusiasm, imagination, and

* The grades teacher works towards a deep understanding of the Waldorf grades
curriculum – including child development providing appropriate activities, and
creating the best physical environment. The grades teacher works to provide group and individualized lessons for the children and to provide remedial work when necessary.

* The grades teacher is committed to their own spiritual development and
meditative work upon the children. This includes a continued study of
anthroposophy as it relates to the Waldorf curriculum and child development.

* The grades teacher provides daily and weekly rhythmical actives that follow the
Waldorf plan. This includes movement, mental work, practical and academic
activities, investigative and artistic work.

* The grades teacher is expected to work with the soul development of their
students in ways that are pedagogically indicated.

* Each grades teacher will hold clear expectations for their students and work
toward specific social, academic, physical goals, and in the middle grades give
written assessments at the end of each block.

* The grades teacher creates an environment where authority is respected by the
children and guidelines and expectations are clearly defined. It is the teacher’s
responsibility to hold the physical and emotional safety of the children as the
children develop their own social skills.

* The grades teacher creates a classroom community in which the children learn to respect and understand themselves and one another. The teacher teaches the
children to work out their differences in a socially healthy way.

* The grades teacher is responsible for the physical well-being and safety of the
children. This includes attention to outdoor activities and physically aggressive

* The grades teacher works to develop their own artistic abilities so that the
lessons can be supported b the teacher’s skill and experiences. These experiences
can include painting, drawing, handwork, music, speech, and storytelling.

* The grades teacher is expected to communicate regularly with the specialty
teachers so all are aware of the children’s participation and progress. The class
teacher will visit each specialty in their class during the year and participate in a
follow up conversation concerning the visit. A written observation by that grades
teacher will be provided at the follow up meeting.

* The grades teacher participates in child study on a voluntary basis.

* The grades teacher interviews children and families in order to make a
recommendation as to the placement of a child in the grades program.

* The grades teacher evaluates the progress of the children. These evaluations
include three end-of-term (trimester basis) written reports that follow a provided
format. These reports are filed in the child’s school file and shared with the parents. The teacher holds two yearly Parent-Teacher conferences to discuss the content to the reports with parents/guardians.

* The grades teacher participates in weekly faculty, team, or council meetings.

* The grades teacher is expected to be knowledgeable of, and adhere to, the
policies set forth by the Board and Faculty.

Location & Compensation:
When not subject to local workspace closure requirements, this position is on-site
at WSL’s campus. Organization hours are 8:00-3:15, with additional hours as agreed upon by team for meetings.

Summary of Benefits for WSL Full Time Employees

  • Rate of Base Pay: $ $36,500
  • Completed Waldorf Training: $2,000
  • Masters Degree in related field: $2000

If Waldorf Training is not complete at the time of hire, the $2,000 increase will be
added upon completion of training.

Prior Waldorf Lead Teacher Experience is paid at $350 per year for a maximum of $3,500.

Prior Lead Teacher Experience (non-Waldorf) is assessed at $175 for every year

1.5% increase each year for experience, with a cap of 20 total years of experience.

All prior Lead Teacher Experience is capped at a combined total of 20 years.
Simple IRA Retirement Plan, with up to 3% matching.

Requirements: New hires are required to complete all of the following necessary
paperwork and processes before they can begin work:
Administrative Office of the Courts Background Check
Central Registry Background Check (CAN)
Training: Additional non-directed training requests are prioritized yearly by
Council as funds are available.
Personal/Sick Days: Seven (7) PTO Days per year.
Vacation Days: Four (4) paid weeks of vacation during the summer in addition to
yearly published Holiday/vacation days when WSL is out of session.
(See Employee Handbook for list of Holidays)

Health Insurance: The School offers a $1,000 deductible plan for which the
employee contributes $50/month toward the monthly premium. Spouse and
Family plans also available for purchase. Please inquire for current monthly rates.
Contributions amounts and plan rates are subject to change yearly.
Tuition Remission: This position qualifies for one (1) 100% remission for your
oldest dependent child enrolled at WSL. All class fees are still the employees’

Extended Care: Extended Care remission is provided for all dependent children
attending WSL as needed to meet job responsibilities. You must contract for
Extended Care hours and only those hours used during scheduled

Seeking a Spanish teacher for the remainder of the 2023-24 School Year and beyond. Ideally a native speaker with command of Spanish and English, with 20 contracted hours of work per week, Monday through Friday, 11am – 3pm. The instructional time will include 16-20 hours of contact time teaching in the classroom to grades 1-8 and address Spanish language skills, language immersion, and cultural perspectives in line with our Waldorf school model. A portion of the hours will include planning time and/or assigned duties by the Grades team.

About the Position:

Candidate will plan and deliver daily lessons and learning material/experiences using verbal, academic, written, movement and artistic activities, will work in collaboration with and offer feedback to the Grades team teachers, and will provide assessment information and commentary for each student for the three Progress Reports the students receive periodically each year, once in the Fall, once in the Winter, and a final report via our on-line reporting vehicle. Previous teaching experience with ages 6 – 14 is preferred and a college degree is desirable.

This individual will work toward an anthroposophical understanding of the Waldorf grades curriculum and the development of the school-age child, and demonstrate this understanding in the classroom and in other faculty work with enthusiasm, imagination and integrity.

This position qualifies for a partial remission on an enrolled student.

Salary: $20.00 per hour


  • Employee discount
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement plan

The extended care assistant position provides support to the children in our early childhood programs (ages 2.5-6 years) following our morning program.


  • Assist in maintaining a warm and nurturing environment
  • Possess a warm, friendly, and imaginative demeanor
  • Love of working and being with young children
  • Assist in setup/cleanup
  • Help maintain general order, cleanliness, and aesthetics in classroom and outdoor areas
  • Oversee children on the playground and assist with the transitions to and from outside
  • Help with daily preparations of classroom, restocking supplies and materials
  • Guide children with self-care (toileting, dressing, and social behavior)
  • Provide first aid as needed

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Early Childhood Education experience (preferred)
  • Reliable, dependable, and team oriented

Hours and Schedule: Monday through Friday 11:30-5:00 PM

Pay Rate: $16/hr

The primary responsibilities of the substitute grades teacher include:

  • Serving as temporary teacher in the classroom, encompassing grades 1-8.
  • Serving as recess proctor when called for in outside playgrounds.
  • Holding a safe classroom learning environment for the children and knowing their whereabouts
    at all times.
  • Reading the lesson plan and day schedule as provided by the absent teacher.
  • Locating and/or organizing identified materials for the given lesson.
  • Delivering the curricular content of the lesson plan as provided by the specific teacher.
  • Modeling proper behavior in the delivery of the lesson content while recognizing the developmental stage or age of the children in the class.
  • Cooperating with and following through with suggestions and recommendations from teaching faculty.
  • Communicating with administration to identify the classroom(s) and locations to cover and the documentation for pay.
  • Completing required paperwork for the state of Kentucky background check system.


Hours and schedule:

  • Normal school operating hours are 8:30am-2:45pm, Monday through Friday. The position of substitute is tailored to the specific hours and/or days needed by the absent teacher and may or may not encompass a full day or full week.
  • This position is on-site position and as needed by faculty.


Rate of Pay:

  • Hourly pay for this position is $16.