20-21 YEARBOOK &

This past year has been rather unusual… and this year’s school yearbook will reflect all the strangeness and beauty that transpired!

Because many of our beloved festivals and faires didn’t take place in their traditional form this year, we need your help to ensure the magic of Waldorf is captured in the 2020-21 yearbook. 
If you have photos from this past school year, or from years prior that capture your favorite memories from Lyndon campus, please email them to


The hybrid 20-21 Yearbook / Lyndon Campus Memorybook will be available for pick-up at our new Rock Creek Campus later this Fall for $30.00. Once the books are available, you will receive a follow-up email confirming your preferred payment method. 

Fill out the form below to pre-order a copy of the hybrid 20-21 Yearbook / Lyndon Campus Memorybook.