November 2020 WSL Monthly Communique

Waldorf School of Louisville Communique

Changes to Extended Care: Effective November 2020

As a licensed daycare provider, the state mandates many of our policies and procedures for our Early Childhood programs. During 2020, as we have all learned to navigate best practices for safety during a time of the pandemic, those mandates have increased significantly.

In reviewing the state changes, as well as the number of families contracted (which is significantly lower this year than in previous), we have made the decision to only offer Extended Care to our two Kindergarten programs from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. We are not currently offering Extended Care to our Daisy Garden Nursery students or to students in the Grades program. We understand how crucial the Extended Care program can be to some of our families and after much thought and discussion, we feel this is the option that allows us to continue to offer an extended day to those for whom it is necessary. This change will be put into effect on November 2nd.

While we are continuing to accept drop-ins, we must be  informed of any drop-ins no later than 3 pm on the previous day. We will continue to review enrollment numbers, the state mandates surrounding COVID-19 safety, and the need of our families as the year progresses. If we determine we are able to extend our program beyond the current parameters of a Kinder-only, 1-4 offering, we will let the community know promptly.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during these changed circumstances. We will continue to strive to meet our community in their needs while creating a program that is sustainable for our school. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Martinmas lantern walk

Early Childhood Lantern Festival

My lantern, my lantern

Shining near and far: Shining like the sun;

Shining like the moon; Shining like a silver star

My lantern, my lantern

5:00 – 6:00 PM on Saturday, November 14th @ St. Matthews Community Park

We are excited to celebrate the changing of the seasons with a special off-campus event. This year our lantern walk will be held at St. Matthews Community Park.  The park is located close to school at 310 Ten Pin Lane and accessible near Chick-fil-a and the shopping centers off Shelbyville Road. Proceed past the Bowling Alley and ball parks, driving all the way to the end of Ten Pin Lane. Park in the last lot near the entrance to the walking path. There is plenty of parking and space to gather for all classes. We will be walking along a paved wooded path approximately ½ mile long. We will meet at the entrance to the walking path.

All classes please park and gather at your child’s designated classroom area. Each class will gather with their class teacher; Daisy Garden by the Orange Lantern, Red Rose by the Red Lantern and Marigold Kindergarten by the Yellow Lantern. Teachers will welcome the children and light lanterns (we will be using real candles; children are asked to stay with their parents at all times). We will sing and begin walking shortly afterwards. Immediate family members are welcome to participate in the lantern walk with their own lantern. Please stay with your family group and maintain appropriate social distancing while walking. Classes will be staggered during the walk. At the conclusion of the lantern walk, families will depart to their cars and return home.

Just a reminder to dress warmly for the weather and use the restroom before attending.
All families will need to follow the Governor’s mask mandate for public spaces (6 years and older).
We strongly encourage conducting a health screening at home and respectfully not attending if anyone is feeling ill.

Please plan on keeping a mood of reverence as you return home. Thank you.

auditory screening

Auditory Screenings at WSL on Friday, November 20th

The University of Louisville will be sending representatives from the Audiology Department on Friday, November 20th to conduct auditory screenings for our students. They will be masked and adhere to all WSL safety protocols.

Our practice is to screen all first graders and any newly enrolled students in grades 2-8. There is no charge for this screening.

If your child does not fall into one of these two categories but you are interested in having them receive an Auditory Screening at WSL, you can sign them up to be screened. The cost is $7 per student – it can be billed to your TADS account.

If your child does fall into one of these categories but you would like to opt them out of the screening, you may do that well.

Please contact Mr. Neill in the office to make either arrangement (


Picture orders are due Wednesday, November 18th.

There is a basket in the office where you can drop off your order forms.

If you have any questions about orders or payments, please contact Nicole directly.

Nicole Aldridge, NZA Photography
(502) 387-0449

rising first grade mountain

Rising 1st Grade 2021-22

If your child will turn 6 by May 1st, 2021 they will be assessed to rise to 1st grade in the 2021-22 school year. More information will be sent to you soon. If you have any questions, contact Ms. Evy or Ms. Kristin.

Foundation Studies at WSL

Rob Lanier, 7th/8th Grade Lead Teacher is offering an opportunity for a Foundations Study this year.

If you are thinking about Waldorf Training, this foundational work is an important prerequisite. If you are interested in learning more about anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner, this is a great place to begin. If you want to know something about what makes WSL different from other schools this course of study would be very helpful.

We will meet alternating Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 7:30 pm via ZOOM. 

We will begin with Steiner’s book Theosophy.  This book was first published in 1910.  The version we will read was translated from the German in 1961.  The introduction was written in 1994.

There is the reading of about 30+ pages between meetings (a calendar of which is included below), plus keeping your own journal of notes, drawings, and musings.

Look for a comfy place at home that will help you to embrace the pleasures of new ideas that inspire and challenge.

theosophy cover
Parent Association-logo2020

If you are a WSL community member you are automatic members of PA!

Please give a huge thanks to some our volunteers:
Heads Committee Chair: Tracy Babineaux
PA Treasurer: Kayla Smith
There are countless other folks stepping in to get work done!  Thank you all! 

Did you know we have a Facebook group for family and friends of WSL?  
It’s a great way to share and keep updated about what’s happening in our community.

Dear WSL Community,
Please accept this letter as my formal resignation as PA co-chair for the remainder of the school year.  While I am committed to the success of the school I cannot at this moment continue the high level of involvement that I would expect of myself to successfully carry this role.  I have seen more and more folks stepping up and taking action and I couldn’t ask for anything more than broad community engagement to uphold the parent community at the school.  Please continue to empower and support each other and yourself through this unique and challenging year.  I will not disappear completely, but for now, I am taking a giant step back and turning inward to my family.
Additionally, I must take a moment to express deep and overwhelming gratitude on behalf of my entire family.  This past month has been one of the most difficult I have had to face, and you, my friends, my community, have shown up in every way possible.  I’m grateful to have been with a couple of you at the time of hearing the news about my mom.  And equally as grateful that there was a hot dinner on my doorstep that same night.  Since that day we have been given meals, acts of service, generous donations, and thoughtfulness of the highest level.  I know that you can’t take my family’s grief away, but you have done everything I could possibly think of and more to make this difficult process the smoothest it could be.  We thank you with our whole hearts.
In gratitude,
Natosha Cundiff and family

NOVEMBER Parent Association Zoom Meeting

Monday, November 2nd at 6:30 pm

Wondering how to plug-in at WSL?

Look No Further!

WSL's Parent Association has ways to connect and help you contribute!
CLICK HERE to get started
Black and White Bordered Coffee Facebook Post

Join us at Warwick Park from 8:30 – 10 AM
First Tuesday of every month
Come when you’re able and stay as long as you’d like. Bring your own coffee and chair. This is an informal community gathering but can evolve into brainstorming for PA.

Upcoming meetings days: November 3, December 1

slack logo
PA Slack for Heads, Hands, Hearts Planning, and Organizing! Join the Parent Association Slack for ways to plug-in or to keep up to date with happenings!  Not sure what Slack is or how to use it? Email Parent Association for help or guidance.
Winter Faire

Winter Faire Task Force Meeting

Tuesday, November 3rd @ 7pm

Meeting ID: 883 6928 0867
Passcode: 223121

angel room felt angel

Winter Faire is being planned for the first week in December and while this Faire will likely be quite different due to COVID, we are planning to have an Angel Room where kids can shop for family and friends holiday gifts.  Everything will be $1 or less and the room will be stocked with simple, handmade donations from parents.

The request is for each parent to donate 10 items. Usually, these are simple and handmade.  Some ideas are:

– bookmarks
– friendship bracelets
– painted shells
– painted rocks
– simple ornaments
– wands
– gems or jewels
– knitted or crocheted crafts 
– felted critters or acorns
– glittery pine cones 
– handmade jump ropes 

Starting after Thanksgiving break there will be a large box where donations can be placed.  The dropbox location is TBD, but likely accessible to drop off from your vehicle. We hope each family will contribute and that your child will enjoy shopping there!  This magical event is made possible through parent donations —  Please let your Class Parent know that they can count on you to contribute 10 items for the Angel Room. 

Parent Association Mentorship

Parent Association is seeking parents with a couple of years under their belts to foster connection, community, and mentorship for new families at WSL. If you're interested in volunteering OR getting more information on what this would look like, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you:

I have three young roosters looking for a new home. Two are five months and not yet crowing, and mostly Rhode Island Reds. The third is a year, mature, crowing, and a barnyard mix. If interested, contact Mike Eger (484-716-3202 or

rhode island red

Schedule a tour of the Waldorf School of Louisville today.

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