Community Association

The WSL Community Association Organization strives to foster a healthy and vibrant community within our school through enriching and educational events like fairies, annual fundraisers, parent education, and community outreach. Within our three committees – heads, hearts, and hands – we mirror what we hope our children glean from their time WSL. Service is one way that we align our actions with our values, and we hope that leading by example will benefit not only our children but also our school, for many years to come.

Committees of Community Association

The Heads Committee organizes groups and events to support parent education about our school, Waldorf education, and our community.

The Hearts Committee nourishes the community with food, socials, and support. These are the folks that have a lot of love and want to share it!

The Hands Committee contributes direct physical outreach to our school, from labor and handwork to gardening and site beautification.

Meetings and Volunteer Opportunities

Community Association meets once a month. Please check our school calendar for these dates.

In keeping with the spirit of our school, we invite our parents to donate at least 3 hours per semester to contribute to the cooperative environment of our community. All of our volunteer opportunities are updated regularly on our